Cimus makes photos, videos, edition, posters on demand, following a multidisciplinary approach. Production agency, we often call on qualified collaborators if some project requires it. It is often over the long-term that Cimus works for some partner: a confidence relation is established, Cimus inspires new expression ways based on the possibilities that it offers, and sets in motion his interlocutors' seeds of ideas.
Alma Brasileira
For Alma Brasileira were achieved photos of the musical ensemble, a newsletter, studio video shooting of some musical pieces, and Jean-David Delépine collaborated at an artistic level with the ensemble for the show “Tissages et métissages”.
Frédéric Pagès
Frédéric Pagès has periodically called on Cimus for photos, video shooting of his songs during his shows and the realization of a film, “Avec Nougaro“, in which Cimus also wrote the scenario based on an original idea of the singer. During the Concert dans les nuages titled “Je te passe les consignes“, for which several videos have been made in collaboration with Valentine Pedoussat, Cimus could benefit from the friendly contribution of Philippe Berthomé for the lights.
Frédéric Pagès – Entre délices et terreurs
Artists portraits
One of the regular activities of Cimus is making portraits of musicians: Mikhaïl Yurkov, François Saint-Yves, Francis Jacob, Amélie Hirsch and Nathalie Balic, including the photos made for the ensemble Alma Brasileira. At the same time institutional and personal portraits, all of them are the result of the complicity established between the photographer and his subject.
Roland Chrétien Expression écrite
Once more, it is a matter of confidence and complicity. Cimus has edited several publications for artists: the first three collections of poems by Roland Chrétien and several catalogues for photographers or plastic artists.