Cimus Editions

Among the predilection domains of Cimus, edition is an activity in which its multidisciplinary and integral approach can fully apply. For personal edition projects or in collaboration with regular partners, Cimus’ signature look is refinement in graphic design, attention paid to details and seeking for correspondence between the deep desire of an author and the materiality of a book.

A personal look to Chile where Jean-David Delépine has lived for several months: in this photo book, handmade in Chile and published in 100 copies, he provides his intimate vision of a country which is far from touristic clichés and travel photography. More info here.

Quelques images de la France
Amongst the achievements of Cimus is the box of postcards "Quelques images de la France", a set of offbeat and poetic photos by Jean-David Delépine, that play with the expected image of postcards, which are usually the ambassadors of the “beautiful” side of a country, and are here the witnesses of an amused and tender look towards France.
Poetry : Roland Chrétien
The poet Roland Chrétien entrusted the edition of his first three poems collections to Cimus: Quelques poèmes, Expression écrite and Prière de vivre. We have more particularly worked with him on the selection of the typography and for two of his books, on the design of the front covers, besides the classical role of page layout. This detailed work, which fully matched the desire of the author, helped him in giving birth to his publications, in the difficult task of extracting from one a first collection of poetry and offering it to the world.
Roland Chrétien Quelques poèmes
Photo Valentine Pédoussat
Catalogues d’artistes
Sculpture Rosine Visiedo
Artists catalogues

Several visual artists entrusted us their catalogue, obtaining from Cimus editions some help for the conception according to the spirit that they desired for their book. For instance, Ali Moon with her photography book Wild Open or Charlotte Cazal for her exhibition catalogue “Shut your eyes and see“.