Jean-David Delépine presents in his book (Mi)Chile a series of photographs taken during a several months stay in Chile. (Mi)Chile is an intimate vision of a selection of places visited by the photographer. The author deliberately focuses on four places to deliver his vision of the country. His work results in a personal and subjective interpretation of these four locations.

The photographer wanders through popular areas of the capital Santiago, often at sunset or nighttime. There, he meets random walkers, exchanges looks with inhabitants from a lit window and photographs on the Alameda, the big avenue that cuts Santiago like a wound. His steps also take him to Valparaíso, a magical place from which he creates the images of the dancers of the Baile Gitano de san Pedro, a highlight in the book. A travel through the region Maule gives to the author the occasion of tacit dialogues and of incursions into landscapes made of ocean and eucalyptus trees. Finally, his lens lands him in Southern Patagonia. It is summer time on the Strait of Magellan and Jean-David Delépine’s camera captures the amazing extreme wild of the end of the world.

Little writing accompanies the photographs, only short captions: the author likes to leave the viewers to make up their own stories. A feeling of tragicness is sometimes felt when looking at some of the images from this Chile that is still, sometimes, scarred by its past. An awesome visual effect will also surprise the viewer when exploring (Mi)Chile: a series of anaglyphs (a pair of glasses is offered with the publication) punctuates the book with breathtaking landscapes and superb poetic details to be seen in relief.

Not only does he focus on places and men, Jean-David Delépine also photographs experiences and shares here with us his tender vision of the world. The making of the book itself is also born from an extraordinary experience of sharing, from Chilean typography to handmade binding in respect of the tradition by a little workshop of Santiago de Chile.

The book is currently out-of-print.

  • 112 color pages ;
  • 290 x 220 mm ;
  • hard bounded book, with hot stamped title ;
  • limited edition, 100 numbered books ;
  • bilingual edition in French and Spanish ;
  • some stereoscopic images with a supplied pair of lenses.