Project “Transports”


“Transports” is a photographic project by Jean-David Delépine.

Its principle: from any moving transportation mean, he makes photos perpendicularly to the displacement direction, of the landscape that is offered to his glance, without any possible control. Far from a photography that would be posed, centered, overly aesthetic, the raw photographic matter is selected later by the photographer, when he comes back from his trips by plane, boat, train, bus, car, lift or conveyor belt. Sometimes, the artefacts due to moving, such as out of perspective foregrounds, ghost images, unfocused parts due to movement, vibrations due to the instability of the vector, contribute to the dreamlike sensation of travelling.

Here we gaze at strangers sighted through the window of a train or a car, at images over which it is no usual to stop, at a landscape that continually scrolls. Ordinary landscape, overview of the world. We also become familiar of insignificant viewing points, seen and seen again over trips on the same road, the same train line. Time and seasons that flow.

The way of shooting allows for a singular construction: by the movement are created couples of consecutive images, stereoscopic pairs that permit to rebuild a vision in relief of the places passed through. Hence, most of the images of this project are stereoscopic and via an appropriate device (anaglyph glasses, parallax barrier display or mirror stereoscope), it is possible to see in relief the photos of the project.

Unremitting project, for which Jean-David Delépine has accumulated thousands of photos since 2008, in more than 20 countries and along 700 trajects. To this day, he has collected from his nets about 2600 photos, but his files are still a mine to be explored, and the journey is not ended…